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Heath Phillips

talks about healing after sexual assault

Army Aviation Brigade - Paul Lara photo.


With each speaking engagement, Heath powerfully relays his story of Military Sexual Trauma, the effects it has had on him, and the obstacles he had to overcome. His purpose is to provide an education to our military about what sexual assault and hazing does to our women and men in uniform. Heath asks you to open up your eyes and Be The Change.


Watch Heath's Story

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About Heath

-US NAVY Veteran

-Assault Victim Advocate / Motivational Speaker


-Frequent Speaker for SHARP (The Army's Sexual Harassment Response and Prevention program)


-Consultant on topics ranging from bullying and hazing to addiction and suicide prevention

-Provided congressional testimony as an expert on several special panels for sexual assault victims

-Advisory Board Member at the Center for Law and Military Policy

-Available for in-person and virtual events

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Heath has been featured in

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